Ever since the first cohort of the EMoS programme we have received questions regarding the scholarships under our email address cenit-ea@uni-oldenburg.de. Here you can find all frequently asked questions about the scholarship programme. Please do not hesitate to contact us under the above-mentioned address if you have any additional question. Please keep in mind that the application process for the EMoS programme itself is exclusively handled through NM-AIST Online Admission System.
What should be included in the Statement of Purpose?
Your motivation letter should include the following aspects, among others: - Personal and professional goals - Interdisciplinary and/or trans-disciplinary research and projects - Your relation to Embedded and Mobile systems - Your additional experiences (e.g. practical experiences) - Motivation reasons why you should receive the scholarship
What should I look for in my curriculum vitae (CV)?
The CV should include your biographical information, clear and well structured. This means your school and professional career, your work experience, completed internships or other information. Experiences which are in relation to Embedded and Mobile Systems are very beneficial.
When can I expect feedback on my application?
After we receive and review all applications, we will send out acceptances and rejections by approximately mid-December. However, this does not exclude the possibility of an acceptance afterwards, as waiting list places are also allocated in case a student drops out. We therefore ask you to refrain from inquiries about the status of the application.
Can I apply without an Admission Letter from NM-AIST?
Please keep in mind that the scholarship is only available to students of the EMoS programme. That being said, in exceptional cases applying withould yet having the admissions letter is possible. If you have applied for the Master in Embedded and Mobile Systems, the application phase for the scholarship ends and you have not received an admission letter by this time. Then you can still apply for the scholarship and send us your Admission Letter as soon as you have received it. Once we receive your admission letter your application can be finalised.
Can I apply with only one recommendation letter?
Yes, it is possible! But you should keep in mind that you will receive 0 points on your application for the second recommendation letter. For this reason, it is best to submit two recommendation letters.
I do not have a bachelor's degree in the subjects indicated or in a related field. Can I still apply?
Unfortunately not: Your application can then not be included in the process and would be invalid.
What other financial options do I have for EMoS if I do not receive a scholarship?
Besides the CENIT@EA scholarship, we encourage you to look for other financial sources. This can be, for example, an employer, a company in your area or other programs for scholarships.