The CENIT@EA project has awarded full scholarships to the first four cohorts of EMoS students. All recipients hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar and currently pursue a M.Sc. degree in Embedded and Mobile Systems at NM-AIST.

CENIT@EA seeks for a balanced distribution of scholarships among the Partner Statesof the East African Community (EAC) by assuring a fair, transparent and considerate selection of scholarship beneficiaries in line with official DAAD regulations. The evaluation and selection of the candidates is done by an international Scholarship Selection Committee together with the Admissions Committee and the School of CoCSE at NM-AIST in order to enhance capacity building and promote institutional development.

The scholarships awarded by the project do include a monthly living allowance, rent assistance and financial assistance for studies and research, and also cover the tuition fees applied at NM-AIST.

The admissions office together with the School of Computational and Communication Sciences and Engineering (CoCSE) at the NM-AIST, are responsible for guaranteeing a balanced distribution of admissions to the Master programme in “Embedded and Mobile Systems” (EMoS).