EMoS Published: Smart Library Systems

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December 9, 2021
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December 20, 2021
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EMoS Published: Smart Library Systems


EMoS students Adol Dominic, Annette Godfrey & Angelo Bidal have made a notable contribution by publishing their work on Development of Mini Smart Library Direction System Incorporated with the Library of Congress Classification System: A Case Study of East African Libraries. The paper was supervised by Dr. Neema Mosha at NM-AIST.

The paper focuses on the development and implementation of a Mini Smart Library Direction System that is integrated with the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) System to facilitate easy book tracing in libraries.

According  to  case  studies  conducted  at  the  Nelson Mandela  African  Institution  of  Science  and  Technology  in  Tanzania,  and  the  University  of  Juba,  South  Sudan, that students are  having trouble  finding books in libraries. The common method of searching for a book at the digital catalogue of the library and afterwards locating the book on a specific shelf is prone to mistakes and time-consuming.

The  system the EMoS students developed is based on the  Internet  of Things, and it connects through Wi-Fi to browse a specific shelf that illuminates based on the user’s preferences via a keypad/mobile application. It has a web-based user guide manual.

The system was tested against the essential characteristics of embedded and IoT systems. As a result, the system is suitable for usage in supermarkets, warehouse stores, and other inventory management applications.