Call for Application – Training of EAC – Media supported Didactics

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November 17, 2020
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January 19, 2021
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Call for Application – Training of EAC – Media supported Didactics

The Inter-University Council for East Africa, in its mandate to build the capacity for Universities in the EAC, has prepared the capacity building training that will enhance the ability for the  East African Teaching Community to deliver online courses effectively. 

We hereby request the interested participants to apply for the online training titled ” Media supported Didactics”. 

Please find here below the information for your kind consideration. 

The “Centre of Excellence for ICT in East Africa” (CENIT@EA), a project of the East African Community (EAC) in cooperation with the German Government, invites you to a unique chance of acquiring digital skills and certificates during a course conducted by IUCEA – the Inter-University Council for East Africa. CENIT@EA is a regional innovation hub providing skills for the digital transformation of East Africa. It is implemented by IUCEA together with an East African-German academic consortium, GIZ, and DAAD.

This training is offered free of charge as interactive online training for ICT – university staff employed at East African universities. The following topics will be covered in webinars accompanied with teaching material offered at the IUCEA eLearning platform:

  • Imagery: Optics, Photography & Image Processing
  • Audio & Video handling
  • Overview of the Open Source LMS Moodle and BBB online learning
  • Media content creation & integration into LMS

The course will run online for 2 weeks from December 1st – 15th, 2020.

To apply for the course you have to register an account at and enter the platform into the form/course called Application to enroll for admission to Media supported Didactics at the latest November 30. Successful applicants will be enrolled in the “real” course Media supported Didactics at latest November 30. Due to the online nature of this course, we have no limitation on the number of participants. Female applicants are highly encouraged.